Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Announcement - Exciting Partnership

Bringing to you on a Silver Platter the Announcement:

 Lisa Knows Tea and The World in Your Teacup
have partnered with
Heart for Africa

Before I became published, I made a commitment that I wanted to give a portion of the proceeds of all of my books back to charitable organizations. (And yes, I believed I would be published, although I received lots of rejection letters and it took about 7 years to do-so I hope that is motivation to not give up on your dreams either!) In a later blog, I will share my partnership for Tea with a Twist! 

While I was researching and writing The World in Your Teacup, I just felt and knew my charity had to have something to do with Kenya. 
I looked into several organizations before choosing Heart for Africa.  The way I discovered Heart for Africa was interesting.  Although I was an active participant in the photoshoot for my first book, Tea with a Twist, I didn't produce it.  My title, however for The World in Your Teacup  is not only author, but producer as well.  That meant I not only wrote the book, but I was also in charge of the photoshoot.  I had to create a shot list for the photographs for the book  and also source all the correct tea items that would be used for each country written about.  I even became the assistant food stylist for the week since our budget was tight (it always seems like budgets are tight, doesn't it?) 

I was trying to source items made in Kenya that we could use for the photoshoot, when I came across Heart for Africa.  It was mentioned by one of the member's moms of my daughter's small group from our church.  Although they didn't have anything at the time that I could use in photos, my interest in the organization grew and I researched their mission and how they were helping Kenyans.

It was a wonderful feeling to drop off my first check from my advance of the book just last week.  It will be even more wonderful to continue dropping off checks as I receive my royalties from The World in Your Teacup and hear how it is helping Kenyans!  I plan on wearing some of the jewelry from HOW (Helping Orphans and Widows) at my speaking events and book signings . 

You can read all about my partnership with Heart for Africa and HOW by clicking the link below:

I would love to hear back from you about what you think of my new partnership and better yet, how you could have a heart for Africa too!

Happy Sipping and Giving,

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