Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tea in London Day 3 Afternoon Tea at the Museum and the Lanesborough Hotel

Disclaimer: You should probably have a good cup of tea and a fabulous tea snack to read any further!

As promised, I am taking you on a culinary tour of tea and tea snacks first from the cafe inside the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I have to say I have never seen so many delicious items housed in a museum.  I had to walk around several times before deciding on what I would have. 

Would you like muffin or a croissant?

Or, perhaps scones are what you would prefer? If so, now you have to choose which kind!

You better not choose yet, because just across the walkway is another table full of more scones, quiches, and croissants!  Oh, which to choose....

Possibly an extremely LARGE meringue would suit your fancy?  As a side note, I have never seen so many large meringues as I did in London.

Hopefully, by now you have been able to make your food selection, but now comes time to choose which tea to pair with your fabulous choice!  The Victoria and Albert Museum gets a thumbs up for their nice selection. 

It is easy to handle your tea since everything is on a self serve tray to take to your table!

The last choice is which table should you sit at as no table has a bad view as you can see!  Even if your not hungry, it is well worth your the trip to the cafe to rest your feet and have a cup of tea.  When is the last time you sat and had tea with such beautiful architecture surrounding you?

The Gamble Room in the V&A Cafe

I had to go light on my selection because I had an appointment at 4:00 PM for afternoon tea.  It is one of the best places for afternoon tea in London-The Lanesborough Hotel.  My full review of the hotel's tea may be seen in TeaTime Magazine's May/June issue!  They were gearing up for the London 2012 Summer Olympics and will have a special tea just in its honor!

Now, if you didn't get a cup of tea and a tea snack before  reading this, I know you want one now!


In my next blog, I will take you on another culinary journey you won't want to miss at one of London's best food markets.

Happy Sipping and Snacking, Lisa


  1. Love seeing all these goodies, but now I do need a cup of tea and something like tea food.

  2. Sounds like a fabuous trip!

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