Thursday, September 15, 2011

World Tea East-Philly Summary Part 1

I just returned from an exciting tea show for the trade called World Tea East. It was held in Philadelphia, in the heart of the historic area. Tea shows are always fun for me as it is a time to see new tea products, old friends, meet lots of new ones, and taste tons of teas!

After teaching Tea 101 for the conference attendees at 8 a.m., I rushed to a board meeting for the Specialty Tea Institute, and then I was off to the expo floor to discover new tea and tea products.  

  For me, World Tea Expo shows are like a kid going into a candy store!!

So come with me as I tell you all about what I discovered.  You may want to look for these things in your local tea store or online! These are some of my highlights, but every booth offered something a little different. 
Here is the tea display for Rishi Tea.  Their award-winning teas are lovely and all the people working the booth were so nice to talk to.

Here is a lineup of Teas Etc teas.  Beth Johnston is the CEO of Teas Etc and a good friend.  Teas Etc has won many awards for their teas and are great to work with.

Teas Etc offered many tasting throughout the show.  I was lucky to participate in a tasting of a 60 year old Pu'erh and a 20 year old Baked Amber Oolong!  For you tea geeks out there, you know this was a treat!  For those that don't know about these tea treats, I will have to follow up with a blog!

Below is a picture of a Purple Tea from Kenya.  I have been reading about this tea and was excited to finally taste and see it.  There will be more to come on this tea in a separate blog.

Another tea friend at the show was SerendipiTea. The owner is Linda Villano who not only sells wonderful teas, but is a lovely person as well. 

For those interested in teapots, the selection was vast and wide.

I thought this tea collection was cute from Adrea by Sadek.  I seem to be on a bird kick lately, how about you?

 And the show stopper for teapots, in my opinion, was the Sorapot by Joey Roth!  It won one of the best product awards as well. Love it for its sleek design!

Next week, I finish my summary of World Tea East with some VERY cool tea products, a little Philly sight seeing, and my first time teaching for the Specialty Tea Institute!  What is your favorite thing so far?

Happy Sipping from Philly's World Tea East, Lisa


  1. Thanks for this review. I loved seeing it. From the sounds of it, it sounds like it was a more intimate expo sort of like the one in Las Vegas use to be. I miss that.

  2. Thanks Lisa, I wasn't able to go out East so I am glad to get an idea of what people saw there. It seems quite similar to the World Tea XPO which was also an amazing event. Love that truly modern tea pot you shared with us.

  3. Lisa, thanks for the memories. Sorry we did not get a chance to meet. Hope you will be there next year.

  4. So glad Marilyn you like the post! Agiftof tea, yes would love to meet you! Maybe Vegas next year!

  5. I also felt similarly, like a kid in a candy shop, at this show.

    I'm actually drinking some of this purple tea as we speak...I was really impressed by all of the offerings from Royal Tea of Kenya.