Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jo Malone Tea Inspired Fragrances

I am interrupting my Japan tea travels to share a really cool thing with you.  I usually don't like interruptions, but this is one I didn't want my readers and fellow tea lovers to miss out on!!!  When I hear about an interesting product or event having to do with tea, I love to tell everyone about it.  Those that know me, know I LOVE ALL THINGS TEA!

I was recently invited to speak about tea for a Jo Malone event at the Neiman Marcus Atlanta store.  Tim Harper and the team at Neiman's joined forces with the Jo Malone team to invite all their regular customers to an invitation-only afternoon tea for the launch of their new fragrance line.  I was unfamiliar with the fragrance company and was pleased to learn all about it.  What a treat to learn they have a new fragrance line which is TEA INSPIRED!

Before I tell you all about the fragrances, I want to share the Jo Malone story with you as I found it deeply inspirational.  Jo Malone was the daughter of a esthetician and she too loved skin care and fragrances from an early age.  It was evident when Jo created her first body oil as a child by mixing rose petals in some bath oil.  She followed in her mother's footsteps by doing facials, but tragedy struck when she lost her mother at the young age of 19. 

 However, this didn't deter her ambitions.  She soon became one of London's most sought after skin care technicians.  To thank her 20 most loyal customers, Jo hand-mixed a nutmeg and ginger bath oil to give as gifts.  One of those loyal customers loved the bath oil so much, she ordered 100 of them to give away at a prestigious dinner party.  What a big hit that turned out to be! Eighty-six of the one hundred guests wanted more. This is how the Jo Malone brand was born or as the representative at this event said, "the rest is history."

This first store was opened in 1994 in the Chelsea area of London, England.  In 1999, they moved their store to the prestigious Sloane Street address and it became their flagship store.  In 2001, a New York store was opened followed by branches in Paris and Tokyo.  Jo Malone has since sold her business to Estee Lauder. As a business owner, this story was inspiring to me to follow your passions and dreams. I hope it was inspiring to you as well!

As the guests listened to the presentation about the Jo Malone brand, tea, and the new tea fragrance blends, they nibbled on tasty treats from the tea trays on each table.  Each tray was full of scones, finger sandwiches, and yummy desserts!

At the event, customers were introduced to the new fragrances inspired by English tea traditions. What are the tea fragrances?  There are 3 basic fragrances and 2 mixers that are used to layer your fragrance which is what Jo Malone loves to do to create "your own unique scent."  

Assam and Grapefruit - created for an invigorating morning scent, with notes of citrus and black Assam tea.

Earl Grey and Cucumber - created for an afternoon scent, with notes of oil of bergamot (which is the flavor in Earl Grey tea) and cool cucumber.

Fresh Mint - created for an evening affair, with lovely hints of mint, basil, and mate.

Sweet Lemon - used to layer with the above, with notes of pineapple, peach, and fresh green cypress.

Sweet Milk - used to also layer with the above, with warm notes of star anise, almond, and vanilla.

I hope this has not just inspired you to go try the new tea fragrances from Jo Malone, but has also inspired your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.  This new spring tea line is  for a limited time only, so you better hurry if you are interested.   Which one do you think might be your new 
"cup of tea?"

Happy Sipping and Scents, Lisa

*First four photos courtesy of  You may also visit that site for further information on Jo Malone history, etc.


  1. Thanks, Lisa,
    This sounds like a wonderful event. The scents sound yummy. I would have a difficult time choosing a favorite, but probably wouldn't choose the Earl Grey one as I not a big bergamot fan.

  2. Ohhh this sounds interesting! Now I am curious as to how they all smell!

  3. Hi Marilyn, I really liked the Assam/Grapefruit one but don't want to be partial to any of them because they were all nice!

  4. HiHeather, you really should go try them out!

  5. Dearest Lisa,

    The Gardenia from Jo Malone I knew already for quite a while and certainly these new tea inspired fragrances will be equally great!
    Glad for you that Neiman Marcus asked their own city's tea expert to speak about TEA. And yes, following your passions and dreams is the right road. Maybe not a fast road all the time but it will eventually make others join!